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Greenhouse Styles

Horizontal Greenhouse

Call us today for details and a free estimate. Best suited for areas with mild weather and minimal snow, this inexpensive A-Frame building is made with the roofing panels running horizontally. The panels may occasionally trap leaves, snow, and other debris and, in severe weather conditions, small amounts of water may seep in through the seams.

Best for:

Arid climates and limited tree coverage


Vertical Greenhouse

The roof panels of this A-Frame building run vertically, allowing it to shed snow easily. The vertical ribs provide additional strength, and there are no seams between the panels to trap sticks or debris.

Best for:

Areas with severe weather or snow


Modern Greenhouse

Designed with curb appeal in mind, the Modern greenhouse has an approx. 3/12 roof pitch. The roof panels run vertically, making this greenhouse both strong and good looking. It sheds snow easily, and the panels will not trap sticks or debris.

Best for:

Areas with severe weather or snow



Mini Greenhouse

This 5' x 8' mini greenhouse comes standard with an exhaust fan, window placed in door, and (2) 1’x4’ shelves on both sides of the unit.

Best for:

Customers with a small amount of space to put their greenhouse or for those that are wanting to start small with their greenhouse gardening!

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